Why Rational Thought is Imporant

Reputation of rational thought

Rational thinking is the process of applying reasoning and logic as the only foundation of knowledge, value evaluation and controller of deeds.  The process of thought should allow you to commit to your instincts and convictions. According to philosophers, rational thought is activated by facts and realities. Rational thinking helps face life from a real perspective and not an ideal point of view. It also allows you build trust and confidence as well as save time that might be used to get expertise to give their point of view which might not be applicable in all cases.  The following are some importance of rational thinking


Rational thinking uses the voice of reason to face challenges and solve emerging issues. It allows you to use facts and figures to prove a point. Additionally, it allows you to face life in reality without being living in an imaginary ideal world. The ideal world makes you act as you take a stand that is not self-satisfactory. Rational thought gives you valid purpose and solve problems once and for all without re-occurrence. Procrastination is the thief of time. Irrational thinking tends to postpone a problem through instant solutions which are not sustainable. At times the consequences might be detrimental.


Build trust and confidence

Since you use your mind and thought, rational thinking builds your confidence in handling issues. It also allows you to constantly jungle your mind first, before seeking external solutions. Trust is a vital virtue for any human being. Some external decisions meet specific interests without necessarily solving the current problem. Rational thought allows you to build trust with yourself and handle emerging issues with a sober mind. To think rationally is a man’s survival tactic, the moment you throw the voice of reason to the dogs. You are doomed as an individual. The fact that you have the ability to reason and solve your own problems gives you morale to own issues at face them head on.

Saves time

Rational thinking does not need expertise to put facts and figures together. Advice from a knowledgeable person in a specific field;   does warrant you to take action immediately on the decision. You can use logic to put the knowledge together and gauge whether it applies to you as an individual. Another person’s meat might be another person’s poison. To differentiate, reasoning is ideal to make the right decision.  Evaluation is a virtue in rational thinking, and it requires less time to make a decision based on your own judgment and evaluation.

Provides long term solutions

All emerging issues require long term solutions. Short term solutions are as a result of irrational thinking which can further lead to permanent damage. Assessment of ideas to give a final decision is a product of rational thought as well as giving power to consumers of information to be in the fore front to provide real time solutions.

In conclusion, any decision you make irrespective of expertise or not, there should be a voice of reason and logic to guide each and every process in the decision making. Failure to that, solutions might be short term and further damaging.

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