My Favorite Action Cam

 YI Action camera, my favorite

If you are thinking rationally, then you know that the Yi action camera still stands out as the best action camera. The audio and video quality of the camera has earned it great reviews and recommendations. In just $80, you can still afford the camera with additional features and functions. Apart from just the basic camera features YI Action camera is water proof and shock proof. The main advantage of the device is that it can be used to capture fast action events. Divers, ice skaters and sky rocketeers cannot go wrong with YI Action Camera.

The Sony image sensor has made the camera sensitive to capture high resolution images, videos and photos. An added function in the camera is the inbuilt wireless connection for recording and live preview once integrated with the phone. These feature supports live streaming and sharing captions with friends. It also has an in built Bluetooth device to support tethering of photos between paired devices.

The shoot rate is at 1080p in about 60 fps with 16 mega pixels. The video quality of the device is awesome comparable to GoPro Hero 4 Black. It is also considered a cheap device owing to the fact that it has additional features in built in the device. It can take audios and videos at a distance of up to 300ft. In big stores who offer coupon cards you can get it as a discounted price of up to 50%. The water proof feature gives it additional water proof functionality, ideal for under water coverage and long distance cycling coverage. Additionally, it can withstand very low temperatures.


The rechargeable battery life is long lasting and can hold power for up to ninety minutes of continuous video recording. The internal storage capacity is 64 GB, for additional storage the camera has micro card slot to allow you to insert a memory card to supplement the current storage capacity. The camera can be connected to smartphones, computers and tablets for transfer of the photos between the devices.

The weight of the camera is approximately 0.37 pounds making it portable and flexible for any action and a different choice from the Hero4. The package has numerous mounts to give it support for static capturing and snapshots. The camera settings allow you to make adjustments with an aim to improve the video quality. It can also add visual effects like scene, resolution, color, brightness and picture smoothness. You cannot forget the timer in the settings for self-capture and recordings.

Generally YI Action camera has a sleek design with a high performance processor to support capturing of events as they occur. If you intend to use the camera for longer hours than the maximum number of hours it can hold a charge, it is advisable to but an extra battery to avoid unnecessary interruptions. The wide angle capture of 150 degrees makes it a favorite device for camera lovers. You also need to download and install the YI Action Camera application on your computer to enhance connectivity between the camera and the computer. This is a widely recommended action camera due to its durability and flexibility.

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